Uninterrupted WorldView

83cm (33 inch) reflector WorldView including full DIRECTV HD

The s80HD WorldView antenna system with its triple feed horn simultaneously receives signals from two DIRECTV Ka-Band satellites and one DIRECTV Ku-Band satellite. This allows viewing of all DIRECTV HD channels, for an uninterrupted viewing experience. UHD/4K DIRECTV capable when used with the correct receiver and subscription. 

Key Features

Simultaneous Reception of DIRECTV Ka- and Ku-band 

Triple feed horn and WorldView Trio LNB technology provides simultaneous TV reception of DIRECTV Ka- and Ku-band signals. 

Multi-Switch Module 

The Intellian s80HD WorldView comes standard with a SWM capable multi-switch module to connect up to 16 DIRECTV satellite receivers without additional splitters. The multi-switch supports both single wire and standard legacy receiver installations, reducing the need for additional hardware. 

Wide Range Search (WRS) Function 

Intellian's patented WRS search provides the fastest satellite acquisition available today by searching for the entire signal rather than only part of it. 

Wi-Fi Enabled Antenna Control Unit 

With its Wi-Fi functioned ACU, wireless updates and diagnosis via the Aptus PC are available. 

Ku-band WorldView and Full DIRECTV HD 

  • WorldView™ Trio LNB Provides Global Coverage of Ku-Band Satellites 
  • Simultaneous Reception of DIRECTV Ka- and Ku-band 
  • Watch HD TV onboard, underway or at anchor 
  • Global Satellite Library built in - easy to switch regions 

Multi-Switch Module 

  • SWM capable, supporting both single wire and standard legacy receivers 
  • Rack mountable that matches ACU design 
  • Supplied as standard 

Radome Dimension

113 cm x 121 cm (44.5" x 47.5")

Reflector Diameter

83cm (32.7")

Antenna Weight

86.2 kg (190 Ibs)


"Ku-band: 46 dBW and Ka-band: 45 dBW"

Elevation Range

-15˚ to +110˚


Ku-band: Linear and Circular Ka-band: CIrcular

Auto Skew


WorldView Capable


Dual TVRO Mediator
Dual TVRO Mediator

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Matching Radome

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