OneWeb dual parabolic user terminal (UT)

The OW70L-Dac is a land-based user terminal for OneWeb's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation. It consists of dual 3 axis stabilized pedestals with 73 cm parabolic antennas providing 12 dB/K G/T performance. By allowing seamless and undisrupted connectivity for LEO handovers, this user terminal gives customers in remote and challenging environments access to a cost effective and enhanced user experience otherwise inaccessible to them.

Key Features

Low latency, fast speed

Providing global coverage (including both poles) OneWeb’s 648 satellite constellation will provide fibre-like high speed, low latency connectivity to remote customers where terrestrial fibre connections are not possible. The OW70L-Dac operates in Ku-Band for minimum rain fade and is able to deliver unmatchable high-throughput, low-latency connectivity. For more details visit the OneWeb website.

Easily deployable system

Designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, the OW70L-Dac is light in weight and designed for easy installation. With only a single cable needed to provide data and power between indoor and outdoor units, installation time is significantly reduced.

Low-temperature performance

Using an elaborately designed heating device module, the OW70L-Dac ensures steady performance in extremely low temperatures, up to -40 degrees Celsius. OneWeb is the only LEO constellation committing to 100% coverage of Alaska and the OW70L-Dac will ensure people in the Arctic region will have access to affordable and reliable broadband services.


The technology behind our OW70L-Dac dual parabolic antennas integrates complex satellite communications technology into a simple UT specifically designed to meet the needs of many different sectors including small, medium and large enterprises. The OW70L-Dac is small and affordable compared with VSAT but with enhanced performance, it is able to provide fast-speed, low-latency and high capacity connectivity.

LEO satellite scan and tracking algorithm

The Intellian OW70L-Dac provides seamless, undisrupted connectivity through a primary-secondary dual dome solution for consistent connection with LEO satellite handovers. The proven tracking performance can be achieved by precise technology which makes the secondary antenna track a rising satellite before the primary antenna loses a falling satellite. 

12 dB/K antennas with 3 axis stabilization

  • 3 axis stabilization allows easy tracking of LEO satellites
  • A responsive cross-level beam helps to point the antenna in the right direction even when the elevation angle approaches ±90 degrees
  • 'Keyhole problem' avoidance design is implemented in the OW70L-Dac, which in turn enables the antenna to continue tracking normally even when the satellite is directly overhead

Radome Dimension

84.5x77 cm (33.3 x 30.3 inches)

Reflector Diameter

73 cm/28.7 inches

Antenna Weight (Primary antenna)

33.0 kg/72.8 Ibs (33.6 kg/74.1 lbs - heating module installed condition)

Antenna Weight (Secondary antenna)

32.0 kg/70.5 Ibs (32.5 kg/71.7 lbs - heating module installed condition)

TX Frequency

14 GHz ~ 14.5 GHz

RX Frequency

10.7 GHz ~ 12.7 GHz

TX Gain

38.4 dBi

RX Gain

36.0 dBi


12.2 dB/K (@11.8 GHz)

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