Maritime Terminal for Inmarsat FleetBroadband Service

Intellian FB500 is the perfect companion to Inmarsat’s Fleet-Broadband service which enables simultaneous voice and data connectivity up to 432 Kbps. The Intellian FB500 has been designed to work equally well as a VSAT companion or as a stand-alone terminal. Intellian FB500 ensures resilient and reliable connectivity at sea.

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Key Features

Lower total cost of ownership

The FB500 delivers low total cost of ownership by: including a full range of features so that requirement to purchase additional equipment is minimised; being easy to install as the antenna cable, mounting bolts, mounting template are included; being easy to commission as no cable calibration is required and the terminal management software, AptusLX is intuitive and powerful; minimizing air time costs using features such as automatic switching between WAN and satellite and tools to prevent out of policy usage; coming with a market leading warranty (two years labor and three years parts) which reflects the quality of the design and construction, and, if needed, having Intellian’s responsive global support teams available.

A perfect companion

The FB500 can be paired with one of Intellian’s Global Xpress (GX) terminals to provide an outstanding Fleet Xpress (FX) solution. It can also be paired with one of Intellian’s other market leading VSAT terminals to provide failover and out of band management service for other networks. The FB500 is easily integrated using Fleet Edge and softNSD and comes with a comprehensive, documented API library.

All-in-one stand-alone solution

The FB500 offers unparalleled features and functionality that include: automatic switching between WAN and satellite connection, Wi-Fi antenna, built-in soft PABX and firewall. These features, along with being GMDSS ready, make it ideal for vessel operations, safety and crew welfare.

Keep connected with global coverage

  • Connects to the I-4 fleet of Inmarsat’s L-band satellites for near global coverage
  • Will also connect to the new I-6 Inmarsat satellites once available
  • High-quality access to internet/intranets and email, with simultaneous voice and data
  • Reliable backup out of band management solution for VSAT systems
  • FB500 can be used as a Fleet Xpress solution when combined with an Intellian GX system

Fast and reliable terminal design

FleetBroadband maritime terminal offering increased connectivity speeds

  • Connects to Inmarsat’s Elera network using their latest L-band modem
  • Efficient 3-axis directional 19 patch phased array antenna
  • Unlimited azimuth rotation
  • Single cable connecting ADU & BDU

Radome Dimension

73.3 x 79.7 cm (28.8 x 31.4 inch)

Reflector Diameter


Terminal Weight

29.5 kg / 63.9 lb

TX Frequency

1626.5 MHz ~ 1675.0 MHz

RX Frequency

1518.0 MHz ~ 1559.0 MHz

TX Gain


RX Gain



> -7.0 dB/K

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